Exclusive Live Transfers

Using state-of-the-art live transfer technology, Your Direct Source, Inc. provides a continuous platform in which your company can reach millions of potential clients instantaneously while generating thousands of exclusive leads.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help your business create a unique message to attract potential prospects. Whether you want exclusive leads in mortgage, debt settlement, insurance, or automotive industries, we will personalize the message for your prospect and deliver real exclusive live transfers.

How Live Transfers Work

The result: your company gets real prospects, real time, with real results.

Setting up an exclusive live transfer campaign is easy.

  • Setup Fee - No Way!
  • List Usage Fee - No Way! We do not sell data!
  • DNC Compliance Fee - No Way! Our platform automatically scrubs both Federal & State DNC before Every Run!
  • Hidden Charges - No Way! We tell you up front what the total cost will be, and that’s what you pay!
  • Automatic Renewal - No Way! Our clients reorder based on the results we have produced. We earn your business every time!

As the nation's fastest growing provider of exclusive live transfer leads, we invite you to kick start your sales effort by contacting Your Direct Source, Inc. for a no-obligation marketing consultation at 1-888-493-7462.